Rubin, B. B.

RubinSurgeon Name:  Dr. BarryRubin

Title: Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto
Chair and Program Medical Director

Peter Munk Cardiac Centre

Chair, Mount Sinai Hospital University Health Network

Academic Medical Organizations

Hospital Name:  Toronto General Hospital

Address:  200 Elizabeth Street, EN6-224, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2C4
416 340 3645

Fax: 416340 5029


AdministrativeAssistant:  Juliet Khan -clinical Tel: 416-340-3645   /Amicie Davies – administration

Tel: 416-340-3151 Email:


Dr. Rubin completed a B.Sc. in physicsand physiology and medical school at McGill University, and a PhD inExperimental Medicine and General and Vascular Surgery training at theUniversity of Toronto. He is certified by the Royal College of Physicians andSurgeons of Canada in these specialties, and received the Bernard Langer Awardas the outstanding graduate of the Surgical Scientist Program in 1993. Dr.Rubin joined University Health Network (UHN) in 1995, and is currentlyProfessor of Surgery at the University of Toronto.


Dr. Rubin received the Wylie ScholarAward in 1998 from the Foundation for Vascular Cures, SanFrancisco and is the only Canadian recipient of this award. He has been fundedcontinuously for basic science research by CIHR from 2002 – 2017.


Dr. Rubin was Head of Vascular Surgeryfrom 2001 – 2010. He has been Chair and CEO of the Mount Sinai Hospital UHNAcademic Medical Organization since 2003 and Medical Director of the Peter MunkCardiac Centre at UHN since 2010. Dr. Rubin was Chair of the Expert Panel onAppropriate Utilization of Imaging Studies, Ontario from 2012 – 2014.


Clinical Interests:

Vascular and endovascularsurgery


Academic Interests:

Healthcare policy, physician funding models, molecular regulation of left ventricularremodeling after myocardial infarction, phospholipid metabolism.







McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

BSc, Joint Major: Physiology and Physics


McGill University, Montreal, Quebec



Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto



Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Fellow – General Surgery


Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Fellow – Vascular Surgery